Timing is critical when a company is in distress or under performing. We provide proven leadership to quickly assess a company's financial position. We improve cash flow, stabilize and improve operations, communicate with key stakeholders to re-build their support, and assist management with creating and executing an achievable turnaround management plan.

At Capital Trust Finance, our business turnaround professionals are a valuable resource for distressed companies and their stakeholders. For over 20 years, we have provided turnaround services to small and mid-size business in a wide range of situations and across diverse industries.

Consulting firms take months to create charts and graphs while Capital Trust Finance works with a sense of urgency to resolve the task at hand. A hands on, get it done culture is evident.       Client, Thomas Greyman - President, EMG Mid Atlantic

Our services include:

  • Cash flow and working capital management
  • Resolve legal claims
  • Crisis management
  • Interim management solutions
  • Financial restructuring
  • Debt restructuring
  • Forecasting
  • Business strategy
  • Cost management
  • Distressed M&A
  • Disposal of non-core assets
  • Director advisory
  • Creditor advisory

Key benefits to your business:

  • Improve cash flow and earnings
  • Negotiate revised payment terms with major creditors and financiers
  • Arrange short term financing to ease cash flow issues
  • Arrange a refinance of existing debt facilities or restructure existing facilities
  • Diagnose causes of profit decline and other business problems and provide recommendations to address the issues and ease the financial stress on the business
  • Rebuild the relationship between management and the key financiers
  • Prevent the company from becoming insolvent or going into voluntary administration, receivership or liquidation
  • Develop a crisis management plan and prevent insolvency
  • Project manage the sale of the business or non core divisions or assets
  • Provide greater cash flow and earnings forecasting visibility
  • Devise and implement an overall turnaround management plan

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Crisis Mode


At some point, a company's financial position and operating scenario can move from a turnaround to a crisis. When this occurs, Capital Trust Finance will provide immediate and urgent attention to the most critical issues facing the company, prioritize their magnitude, and implement the necessary actions. We are available 24-7 to assist our clients with critical business issues.

Debt Restructuring

Debt can cause overwhelming financial difficulties and place a business in jeopardy as a going concern. Business debt restructuring is a productive solution, which aims to eliminate the financial problem and improve business liquidity by establishing fair and equitable structured settlements with creditors.

Capital Trust Finance is an established leader as a corporate debt restructuring firm. We offer you highly successful debt restructuring, negotiation and resolution services. We will negotiate on your behalf and work out payment programs that are satisfactory and realistic to both parties. Our commercial debt negotiation services are less costly, shorter in duration, as well as more amicable and effective than traditional means of resolving monetary disputes.

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Business Wind Down

There are times when a business cannot successfully overcome various market and resource challenges. When this occurs, it is important to pursue a course of action that protects the client's interests and maximizes recoveries for all parties. At Capital Trust Finance, it is always our goal to develop and implement creative solutions that will return a company to prosperity, yet we also have the experience and insight to quickly identify those situations that can no longer be turned around. In these cases, our objective is to maximize the value of our client's business assets and strategically resolve outstanding financial issues and obligations that drain value.

Wind down management can be a very complex and emotional process. The interests of the company and it's employees; creditors, customers, lenders and attorneys all need to be recognized. Capital Trust Finance can navigate you through the intricate maze of financial and business issues that now face your company. We work closely with management to structure a plan that is tailored to each company's unique need. We will ensure all interests are addressed and fall within appropriate legal guidelines.

Capital Trust Finance is a leading firm, experienced in bankruptcy alternatives and alternative financial solutions and can manage each critical component of a successful wind-down.

  • Voluntary Liquidation as an Alternative to Bankruptcy
  • Assignments for Benefit of Creditors ("ABC")
  • Chapter 11 Planning and Strategy
  • Trade creditor composition plans
  • Liquidations and wind-downs
  • Liquidation Analysis
  • Distressed M&A
  • Trustee and Receivership Services
  • Negotiating Plans of Reorganization
  • Claims analysis and resolution
  • Administrator and Trustee
  • Complete close-down services
  • Creditor Committee Oversight

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Financial Advisory

Capital Trust offers a diverse suite of financial and economic advisory services to companies and their stakeholders.

Capital Trust Finance, Inc. is a recognized leader in working with distressed and insolvent businesses.

Non-Bank Financing

Capital Trust Finance provides working capital financing to small and medium-sized businesses in a broad range of industries.

We provide cash flow solutions to companies requiring a financing structure that cannot be provided by banks or other commercial finance sources. We understand the challenges of operating a business in today's competitive environment, and our ability to be a responsive, flexible financial partner separates us from our competition. Our success is proven by the long-term relationships we build with our clients, which in turn allow them to be successful.