Whether a company is under performing, is in distress or simply facing major change, there are many challenges to be faced.

With a reputation as a trusted fiduciary and advisor during difficult economic circumstances, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of financial services and expertise to handle most any situation. At Capital Trust Finance we quickly assess a company's financial position and provide businesses and management with the immediate assistance to confront and resolve the challenge.

We pride ourselves on our "hands on" approach and continue supporting management until the process is completed. Depending on our client's requirements, we are also able to provide seasoned executives to assume key roles within an organization to help drive the plan allowing management to stay focused on the core business.

When to get us involved:

Over 75 percent of our clients are referred to us via their bank, lawyer, accountant, or other trusted advisor. Given the complex nature of dealing with clients in financial distress we believe it is vital to understand at what stage to get our firm involved. Therefore, we have outlined below some of the key issues that should prompt a call to our firm:


The mission of Capital Trust Finance, Inc. is to provide our clients with the finest financial advisory service through zealous and aggressive representation, personal attention and professional diligence. We are dedicated to assisting distressed business by identifying and implementing the best available solution. Our credentials, experience and principled approach allow us to deliver on our promise of personalized service and provide an added level of comfort and confidence for our clients.

- Raymond J. Kostkowski, President Capital Trust Finance, Inc. View resume.